Foods to Serve with French Onion Soup


French Onion soup is a great starter to a dinner. Still many wonder what to make with French Onion Soup. There are some suggestions to foods that pair well with this soup.
French onion soup goes great with several different types of meats. This soup is great for cold weather and is a good starter to a hearty meal. Seafood such as poached fish work nicely with the soup. Since the soup is heavy some people suggest serving fresh vegetables such as sautéed spinach or a simple baked potato as part of the meal. Others have said that the soup goes well with polenta or gnocchi.
People can also have some protein with the soup. Roasted chicken or even baked pork chops are good to eat after having the soup. A fresh salad can also be served to help bright up the meal. Be sure to keep the portions small as the French Onion soup can be filling.

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